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Network for Cross-disciplinary assessment of Endocrine Disrupting compounds: training the next generation of toxicologists (NeXED)

The EU has flagged endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), which interfere with normal hormonal function leading to adverse health effects, of particular concern. Within different EU regulatory programmes the assessment of EDCs has recently changed significantly and continues to evolve rapidly. Advances in test methods for assessment of EDCs are needed to meet these changing regulatory requirements, and a new generation of toxicologists must be trained to support the implementation of the most advanced approaches. NeXED will address three critical challenges in this area. First, human and environmental EDC assessment have historically been separate disciplines while there is an increasing need to use data across species in a One Health approach. Second, EDC assessment currently addresses single compounds while in an environmentally realistic scenario organisms are faced with complex mixtures of EDCs. Third, new test methods for EDC assessment are needed, covering less well-characterised mechanisms and effects. NeXED aims to facilitate a paradigm shift in EDC assessment by training a new generation of cross-disciplinary toxicologists specialised in using harmonised approaches in a One Health framework. NeXED will train its 14 doctoral candidates through research, secondments and training events using an interdisciplinary and intersectoral training programme. NeXED brings together 10 Beneficiaries and 10 Associated Partners from 10 countries, building upon long-standing collaborations through existing projects including the Horizon 2020 EURION projects and the Horizon Europe Partnership on the Assessment of Risk from Chemicals (PARC). The consortium includes leading researchers from institutions with excellent doctoral training programmes who are all experts in ED assessment, as well as industry partners, regulatory agencies, SMEs and consultancy firms. With its complementary expertise the consortium is ideally placed to train the NeXED generation of toxicologists.

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